10 Eco Business Ideas for Green-Minded Entrepreneurs

Waste collection has seen a hike since the past few years. Where the contribution of each individual towards pollution is quite high, the maximum damage is caused due to the industrial activities. In such conditions, business ideas with a green soul must be selected to save mother Earth from more pollution while providing service and making money.
The following business ideas are a great feed for the green minded entrepreneurs.


With the depletion of conventional fossil fuels, the focus of the world is shifting towards renewable resources. The renewable green energy sources are becoming increasingly popular. One such energy is Biofuel. A Biofuel is produced by agricultural activities and other biological processes. Selling biofuel is both profitable as well as green idea.

Recycling store:

People recycle all the time. In this scenario, a recycling store will never run out of business. Since the input is waste material, it is obtained cheaply and the output being a usable material, it is costly. Eliminating the processing fee, recycling still leaves you pretty impressive bucks. The following are the popular recycling stores:

  • Paper material
  • Toys
  • Glass
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Medical Wastes
  • Used Computers


Composting yields more benefits as compared to the recycling store. The scope, however, reduces because a very few selected organic stuff could be composted. This gap could easily be sealed by the productivity of the system itself.


Bicycle is one of the most efficient and productive invention in the history of transportation. It’s sleek, handy and amazingly fuel efficient! Bicycling is healthy for both humans as well as the environment. Bicycling is going to be one of the most feasible and popular modes of transportation in the near future. Where the world is now pedaling for a greener earth, establishing a bicycle selling store or even a repair shop shall earn you good money.

Green Software:

Increasing awareness amongst people related to the global waste collection has led to many marketing solutions in the relevant area. Softwares that help advertise, endorse, connect people related to the green technology will gain attention quickly and bring more users. These users help gain money for the developers as well as the stakeholders.

Green Salon:

Waste clearance is trending nowadays with increasing awareness amongst people. What always stays trending is style. Many people hit the salon regularly, to get in trend. The salon, however, uses some products that are not Eco-friendly. These also includes the packaging materials, the products comes in. A green salon is both profitable as well as green.

Farmer friendly:

A farmer has to deal with various organic substances. The organic content provider will not only make money for self, but also increase the productivity of the farmers.

Eco consulting:

Going green being the current global motto, doing it in everyday life requires great knowledge of green lifestyle. Establishing an Eco consulting agency to suggest people about green life is a great business venture.

Waste Management:

Waste generation is an inevitable reality and waste collection is an everyday activity. Hence, waste management is an evergreen business. The companies investing in it will gain profit sooner and for longer terms.

Green House Cleaning:

Green houses are one of the best concepts to emulate healthy atmosphere for plantation. These green houses require regular maintenance as well as periodic cleaning. This being a tedious job, people hire professionals to carry out the task in a smooth and organized manner. A green house cleaning company would earn revenues by spreading greenery.

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